All of Pisces Iscariot, and the 'unknown' Biffy Clyro songs tend to be my favourite.

When I say unknown I mean the ones on the album, but not the mainstream songs on the radio.

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i was surprised to find out that Sweet Emotion was on side two of Toys in the attic.
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total eclipse, gangland (im not sure if that was a b-side though)-iron maiden
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Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam is a B-Side on the Jeremy single, and that song should be a single or album track at least. It is great. And AFI has some great album tracks that would make some good singles i think.
every pearl jam bside
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****in right budday! grunge is the shiite!

didnt read ur post tho so dont know what im agreeing to.

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God bless you GrungeBeatle

dude; I always listen to both sides anyway.
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'39 by Queen. However, I'm also quite fond of You're My Best Friend, the A-side for that particular single, so they could've actually put '39 on it's own single altogether.

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Quxioticelixer by RHCP
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The Groove by Muse. Jesus Christ is that a good song. in fact, any b-side from Muse is awesome. Futurism is another good one.
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Hey Hey What Can I Do- Led Zeppelin
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Turbonegro-"Gimme Five"
GREAT song, my FAV song of all time but you cant find it nowhere besides youtube
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I'm willing to say that almost all of them.

A-sides = singles = substance and musicality sacrificed for record sales
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Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam is a B-Side on the Jeremy single, and that song should be a single or album track at least. It is great.


also someone said Down by Pearl Jam. i agree with that too. Down is such a good song.
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Talk Show Host- Radiohead
Down- Pearl Jam

Down FTW!!!!!!!!!

also Soul to Squeeze- RHCP
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