Esp LTD Ninja 600 59/JB signed by Michael Amott in Perfect condition w/ case

Up for sale is a black ESP LTD Ninja 600. I need to sell it due to needing money for school. The guitar is no longer produced since Michael Amott has switched his guitar endorsement to dean. The guitar is in perfect condition like the day it left the factory; it has no scratches, dings, blemishes, dents, scratches, or chips (especially in the fins which happen to be the case with most V’s). Like I said the guitar is absolutely flawlessly perfect.

The fret wear is near to none. The tone on the guitar is amazing and massive with its midrange power, with a great attack and fullness to it when needed. The guitar sounds full and rich sounding and heavy sounding thanks to the amazing ability of the JB pickup, while the cleans on the guitar are amazing and not to be taken granted for. The guitar can produced a variety of tones and can hit everything from rock to metal and has an amazing clean sound, Seymour Duncan pickups just have that ability. The tonality on this guitar is perfect.
The fret board is amazing in its scaling and feel of the neck is just dead on. It comes with Schaller tuners and a tone pro's bridge. I barely played it due to being off at college. The guitar is autographed by Michael Amott and comes with a case.

If you have any questions or need more pictures of it, I would be more than glad to assist. So if you are interested drop me a message to let me know. I also live in the NYC area so I would be more than glad to meet up to make an exchange to save on shipping for people.

I am asking 550 + shipping, but I am also open to work on the price as well.

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I don't actually, but I would be willing to get a quote for you.

Is FedEx a possibility?
I know someone else will inevitably ask this, so here goes nothing:

if I didnt need money for food or rent this baby would be mine.
oh btw, would you concider a trade for something? Like... lets say my liver?
PM me if so. :P
Dude I would so buy this guitar just to have michaels signature lol
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bump for this guy.

nice guitar saw your ad on craigslist im in nyc too.
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Dude I would so buy this guitar just to have michaels signature lol

same here, i'd sell my body to other men for this guitar and his sig.

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nice post.

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