I just want to make sure about this so I don't screw anything up. How long can your bass neck be unstrung without messing it up? Or will it not matter at all? I need to take my strings off because I'm going to be operating on my bass's electronics and paint job. It's gonna be about a week or so before I'm all done. Will an untensioned neck be fine if it's only for a short time? Thanks.
Well.... you will have some fret buzz when the strings are back on.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Fine, no. But messed up, no. You'll just need an adjustment and a re-intonation job when you're done. Not a big deal.
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My bass has one of those annoying trussrod acess bits that's hidden in the neck join so if you want to change the action you have to take the neck off and do it by trial and error,

I left my strings off for about 3 weeks, Put the old strings back on and just set up the bridge (IE: left the truss rod as it was). It was slightly buzzing for a while but settled down after about a week to a month (it was gradual and the difference was subtle to begin with),