Moonlight shines,
Through dark skies,
Dark and deep,
Creates white streak,
Black and white photo,
While you sleep.

Flowing in every space,
Darkness sets and waits,
Waits for action,
Of those at night,
Waits for movement,
To show in light,
Waits for wolves,
To howl in air,
Waits for those,
Who sleep unaware.

The stars as eyes,
Watch while you abide,
In slumbered sleep,
Tossing to and fro,
Dreams, nightmares,
Hidden passions aglow,
Through the window,

Moon shining to show,
The dark uncovered,
Black and white photo.
Exposing the earth,
To the naked eye,
Why are we scared?
Why do we hide?

Shadows created,
Beauty so pale,
Shrouded in black,
Wearing a veil,
Or evil covered,
The chance we would take,
To look in the black,
That night creates.

White's the light,
That moon and stars,
Illuminate for our cause,
To look and wonder,
And the sight,
Of all the world,
In black and white.

Unconcious you sleep,
Unknowing the night,
The watching and waiting,
Oblivious from sight,
The night dark and deep,
The stars see and weep,
Shadows uncovered,
For too long you sleep.

Black and white photo,
Eight hours a day,
You open your eyes,
Won't see it that way,
Dreaming in a colored world,
Waking to the same,
Never knowing beauty,
Of black and white proclaimed.

Black of night,
White of light,
Black and white photo,
Hidden from sight,
Lost to those,
Who sleep at night.


Just a poem I wrote a while back. C4C