Alright here's the deal, I've been playing guitar for about a month or so now, and I've got a newb question :P
I find it A LOT easier to fingerpick individual strings than using my thumb for them. I'm guessing it's because I've played piano for so long, it kind of comes natural. I find only using my thumb pretty difficult though (compared to just using all of my fingers anyway). Is this bad? Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can better my ability to use the thumb?

Thanks for the help!
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When you play fingerstyle, you don't want to use your thumb for every string. One of the great advantages of fingerstyle playing is that ability to use multiply fingers to play wide intervals with nothing in between; it also makes string-skipping easier.

Perhaps you'll use your thumb on the A and low E strings, and practice is the only way to get good at that technique (as is true of everything), but other than those two strings, it's primarily up to the other four guys.

Fingerpicking is great when you have good independance and control in your picking fingers.

Use the thumb for the bassline and fingerpick the rest of the chord and melody.

A good rhythmic thumb that you don't need to think about is very useful. You only get this through playing over and over and over. I used to sit for hours watching TV or talking to people while I would just have my thumb bouncing away to a steady beat on the low E.

I learned a few blues songs that used a lot of thumb action and before I knew it I could play independent thumb and finger parts with ease.
The thumb should be used for the lower strings, like E, A and sometimes D, but rarely depending on the riff, however, you should never use your pinky... ever. when finger picking, alot of players use their thumb like a bass line, and the other three fingers (not the pinky) for the rest, that's the best way to use fingerpicking. however, if you want to get better at your thumb, buy a pick, it will take you a little while to get used to, but not too long, and it will open your mind to other sounds and types of rhythm you may not be able to easily get from your fingers.
Hey JesterShred your not qualified to tell some one not to use their pinky, some pieces require the pinky to be used, especially if your playing a part that was not meant for the guitar. When I play I don't use my pinky, I use p,i,m,a.