Yep, a song I've been experimenting with and working on for about a couple weeks now.

While my main stuff (doomy post rock/metal) is on hold, I decided to continue with this mildly technical progressive metal thingy. About 10 minutes. Heavy influence from Dream Theater, Necrophagist, and Death.

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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
This was pretty good, the whole synth thing wasn't my cup of tea but whatever your floats your boat. The only real complaints I have is that sometimes the snyth took away from the rhythm, and gave it a sort of cheese factor. And by the end, those straight sixteenth chromatic riffs were getting pretty old. I personally would have ended it on a different note.

Crit mine?:
Clean guitar in the early sections needs to be louder, because thats a really cool part. Riff at bar 37 sucks, even though its speeds up and all, its just not very good. The drums at bar 75 could be better, I mean there really good, I just don't think they fit the riff, if you changed em around that riff could be head-bang-a-riff-ic( if you want that kind of thing). Good ****ing transition at 111, ballsy and heavy, this is what the whole song should be like. Whacko part and the piano thing were cool but lame at the same time. uhh umm I don't know what i think about that part, can't decide if its good or not.

Intro, the transition at 111( the riff before and after) and the whacko/piano part could be scooped out of this song and made into something much better. The straight 16 and 32 note riffs went on too long.