Alright, I have an acoustic guitar, problem is, I have no way of hooking it up to any kind of amp. I have no money to buy anything either. And it doesn't have a built in amp and I can't borrow anyone's guitar either and I'm supposed to be playing live in a couple of weeks with it. How do I go about this? (I'm also singing.) Please, help me. Thanks.
Most places have PA system and provide mics for you. I used to go to this coffee shop with open mic nights, and tons of acoustic players would play. They set up one mic in front of the guitar, another for vocals. The mic then goes through a mixer where they adjust your volume, and then to the PA cabs throughout the place.

Edit: Don't worry about anything.
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I probably should have worded that different. I meant I'm new to the technical stuff. I've been playin for a few years (as I stated a minute ago.) I've just never had this problem before. Cause every other time I've performed it was in like a living room with like 5-10 people. This time it'll be in the school auditorium with about 150 people. And Cliff_Burton, thanks. I'll see if my school will let me do that. :-)