I got given an old epi LP, the only bad thing is that the neck pickup is set too high, but the raise/lowering screw is so grounded down. I can't tighten or loosen the screw without the screwdriver spining. But the action itself is the right height btw.

Please give me tips.

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they make tools for fixing this. Just go to your local hardware store and tell they you need to remove a messed up screw and thell point the way
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you might need to use a thin tipped needle nosed piler around the head of the screw.

even that might not work, but stripped screw drill bits the fella has in stock might be a little big for the job.

some sort of pin bit might need to be drilled in and reversed out.

bring the guitar to the shop.

aslo the spring under the screw might have lost it's "bounciness" at this point if it's been overly compressed. so while you're there, check if it adjusts and pick up a new spring if they sell them.

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bump, more tips would be great

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