The RSE of my newly (and repeatedly) downloaded Guitar Pro 5.2 sounds like complete ass. Now, I know what RSE is supposed to sound like because I had 5.0 for awhile and that worked just fine. The way the 5.2 RSE sounds like on my computer is as if you have the volume down really low on an amp-it sounds excessively fuzzy and hollow.

I have tried redownloading it several times so far and that hasn't work (by the way, I'm using bittorrent.) I've tried dicking around with the audio setting but to no avail yet, hence the fact that I'm not an expert on MIDI...

The 5.2 RSE just sounds like crap. Unless you can use the EQ thing to make it good somehow which I doubt.
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The newer version has been completely redone. They have a million different customizable settings though...so you kind of have to tweak it. I agree the older version sounded better, but oh well
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Yeah, the distorted guitar sounds horrible without tons of EQing. A positive is the drums sound a lot better. The slap bass is nicer too.

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Ah, and here I was thinking something was wrong...that is pretty ****ing gay though, oh well. How do I EQ?
Meh, might as well hijack my own thread, lol.

Anyone got any decent EQ settings?