Bump! I have the same question...
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It's an ok starter tube head. You'll need a distortion/overdrive pedal. Other than that, it sounds pretty good.
I have

The clean channel is what you expect from Crate, just a bit warmer.
So personally I thought it was incredible (I love Crate's clean tones)

The reverb was also pretty typical Crate.... very ver over the top, but again, very good as well.

The overdrive however is...unfortunately...again...typical Crate
Very dry, nothing special at all.

The Bright and Normal inputs are not all that different, but the bright is just enough of that extra...well...brightness XD to make it worth using,I think.

If you plan on usuing some other sort of overdrive, then I still say the Crate v100h head is an incredible buy for the price