Hey guys I wanna know if anyone knows a way to get out of a school camp by getting sick.

I don't wanna be hugely sick so no stupid suggestions.
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Google some common illnesses and fake the symptoms.
Claim to have a vicious migraine. (Probably won't work unless it's been a problem before)

Diarrhea would probably be best though because chances are no one will question you on that one. Just take a few laxatives to get that realistic effect.
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shot to the face.

instant win.
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Whatever you do, don't get your parents to make something up like mine did... had bad comments about me for a good 2 weeks afterwards.

I got out of camp, though, so more power to me.
eat a lot of vegimite in a spoon
just gulp it down
you will puke
if not try again with more
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Just go to camp you crybaby. There are worse thing that could happen. Or if you really don't want to go. Then don't, you don't have to fake an illness. Just skip it.
Don't bother getting sick. when I want to get out of something, I go and sit on the toilet for half an hour. I don't actually DO anything, but if you do it heaps of times, people ask wtf your problem is.

This is where you say,"I didn't want to say anything, but I think I have bad diarrhea." Keep this up for a LONG time and they will let you stay home.

Or take the other bloke's advice and just use laxatives.
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Say you dont want to go, you see it as a waste of time. Cause its not going to do anything for you in life really is it?

Refuse to go, or if you do go, Refuse to do anything at the camp.
They cant kill you, so you have nothing to worry about.
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Or eat a herpes ball.
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go to camp. my year seven camp was easily one of the best times of my life, ill never forget the last night.
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go to camp. my year seven camp was easily one of the best times of my life, ill never forget the last night.

It sounds like someone got some action. But isn't that what school camps are all about?
Yea, diarrhoea is a good one cause it's not that hard to induce if you just get the right medication. And it'll give you reasonable stomach pains that'll make you come across as quite convincing.
Go to camp you pussy. Year 10 camp has been said to be the best one. Mine starts on Monday
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Go. It's easy to pick up at camp...unless your going to fat camp....in which case it's even easier!
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Eat toothpaste. Always works for me.
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Just go to camp, or the hammer of justice will crush you!
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