Who knows where I can get more of these comics?

Kill one, you’re a murderer
Kill many, you’re a conquerer
Kill them all, you’re a god
Bury me in pieces, for fear of retribution

Lefties Unite!
enough with the opinions, help the man or gtfo

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long hair is cool mate

haircuts are for people in concentration camp
its been a joke for a while
might just be somebody who made it?
Pull my finger

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"Kyle.. Do you know what homosex is?"
me:"...yes... why?"
"Do you want to have it?"
Me again:"...no Anthony..no i don't"
"Oh.. okay.. good night"


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Dear god the pit is a force to be reckoned with.
Talk about trying too hard...

www.generic-internet-"humour".com may be able to help you.

I need to lighten up.
Some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say there is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey Earth as that prince of foods:

the muffin!

Possibly my faourite webcomic.
The one with the royal sceptre and gown

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i like drag

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