Does anyone own one, and if you do, what are they like to live with?

A friend of mine is planning on buying one and i would like to know what he is letting himself in for (he would do it for himself but he doesn't have the internet

Any feedback apprecieated
The bass player in my old band had a massive Hartke set, i cant tell you much about the specs itself since im not familiar with bass amps, but i can tell you that it did sound freaking amazing and powerful. Plus it proved to be pretty realiable.
Is it a combo or head and cab. i dont have experience with their combos but thier heads are amazing and well priced. Nayone seen that new kilo head. 1000 watss for £600 what a deal. Their stuff is good. their cabs are very brighht and punchy the ones with the aluminium cones anyway. Overall their stuff is decent enough.
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i've got a ha2500 head. pretty nifty if i must say so myself, never let me down and sounds brilliant
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I've got the HA2500 head run it through one of their 4x10 VX series, Paper cone with a horn, and a 1x15 VX, paper cone and horn.

Sound is very nice, has had me creaming every week when I dailed in a new tone, 10 band EQ is a great and fiddley thing.

at the moment its at my drummers place, but my guitarist kind of complains/comments that its too loud sometimes, and I'm also a wierdo with tone, I go for a more unconventional tone, and he said sometimes its too bright, but thats when I had boosted all the treble frequencies, and the overall treble contour...

Now I'm working on Shaping my Mids...

anyway the point to this is,

He is in a for a good time, and he'll love it if he likes playing around with tone.
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Cool, I was wondering about these amps. My local Sam Ash has an abundance of the 3500 heads, and they sound pretty good to me.
All is as it should be with them...versatile, powerful, good sounding heads, and good sounding, feature-laden combos that are excellent for practicing or monitor use. (They invented the kickback design for that, IIRC) They definitely have their own sound, but it's a good one! Their first artist endorsement was Jaco Pastorious, if that says anything.
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