i saw it a few years ago on SBS (australian channel), basically, it's about just a guy that walks around his flat and complains about random shit, basically it's him complaining through the whole movie, then this is the only bit that would stick out, is the ending. Jim Carrey plays the devil in a limo taking the guy to hell or something. i know i'm vague as hell, but this is all i can remember thanks

btw, it's a pretty unkown movie i'd think, so i'm not expecting ten million people to reply the answer in a minute.
High Fidelity hur hur

Gimme a second to check IMDB for Jim Carrey and any roles with the Devil...
EDIT: Its Highstrung I think, the character is Death though, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102032/

EDIT 2: This movie sounds really good!! I'm gonna check it out. Thanks for making me aware of it

EDIT 3: There some great quotes on that page, my favorite is
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Jim Carrey is amazing, and IMDb is my homepage

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As soon as I read the first couple lines, i knew exactly what you were talking about. I ****ing HATE that movie.
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