Hey I wanted to know,
Is there actually any bass track on Justice like at all. If so im not hearing it.
Whats the story behind that????
The production was utter shit for AJFA... There was bass - or so they claim. I only ever hear it on "To Live Is To Die" and still only ever so slightly.
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ive never heard it, go on youtube and you can find people who added basstracks to it. there is no excuse why there shouldnt have been bass in "one" tho
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Basslines wouldn't have made it any less of a rubbish album.
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Newstead hazing.

Accusations of Newstead just copying Hetfields rythm.

Wiki it man, there's shit loads about it.
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Its in there, just very quiet.

The album was mostly produced by James & Lars, who fought over guitars/ drums being louder. Which consequently buried the bass...
James n Lars said that cause of Cliffs death and them hating Jason they perposely through the faders on the mixing desk down on all of Jasons bass tracks.

Which i think is out of ****in order!
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You can hear it on ...AJ4A in the latter half of the song, I cant remember where exacly.

They said Jason didnt turn up to the mixing sessions and so couldn't have opposed being basically cut out of the album anyway.

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If you look on the guitar pro tabs
There bass on the best ones.
And I think the bass is in the music video
But can't remember