Got a question for you Pit, about Irfanview. I tried to resize an animated Gif, and while it resized it fine, it only kept the first image. All subsequent images were lost, meaning I no longer had an animated Gif, but rather a single image. So my question is, how can I resize a Gif and have it keep all the sub-images and resize all the sub-images? I'm pretty sure this is possible with Irfanview, but I could be wrong. If you guys could help that'd be awesome. Thanks.
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I read that as "Resizing Girls"

... I need a girlfriend...
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Quote by Oblivion_Rps
I read that as "Resizing Girls"

... I need a girlfriend...

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Use google...

Look I'll do it for you.
No it's not possible.

Now that wasn't hard was it.

Yeah well I was hoping to take advantage of the Pit's collective knowledge, thinking that someone on here might know about this sort of stuff. If not then Google was the next stop.
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I dunno about that thing, but you CAN do it, I did it to my old avatar.

Just search for "Resizing animated gif" in Google.
Ok so after searching around on Google for a bit I came up with this. Just figured I'd post that there in case anyone else ran into the same problem I did.
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