hi fellow 6 slingers...iv up loaded a various mix of my bands songs...plz have a listen and rate my guitar playing
not a million buck recordings but the vibes are with in .
thanx Ringo
Wow, very impressive recording quality.

Music itself is great. Guitar playing is clean and fresh. I like it.

I think you should stop drowning your solos in effects (such as in Dance That Body). Your playing is clean, so there is no need to hide it.
I liked all but the first one. Once had a tape by a band called golden buddha from california. Reminded of them in a way. Good stuff.
Dane that Body is really groovy! I love it, the solos epic ExplorerFreak has a good point, the guitar sounds good in the mix everywhere else but it could have been brought out just a little more for the solo, im not saying make it loud but put it on the level that the vocals were at and that should be good.

Bass lines really groovy too
Everyone is right, this is very good recording quality. Dance That Body reminds me of Daft Punk, Crescendolls. That's a good thing. I'm not a huge fan of the vocals but that's me, not anything you did wrong. Erin is a nice change of pace. I kinda feel that in general there is slightly too much reverb, but I may be off base with that.

What is your recording setup? I'm still impressed with the overall quality.
thanks you all...chuffed that you all seem pretty impressed with my bands recordings.
iv just uploaded a acoustic track.. my 1st step to my next demo its called cp-dupre...not even mixed at all yet..iv just thrown it together ..see what you think..ill try and upload different stages as it progresses... and thanks to all who took the time to visit my profile ..many thanks Ringo
heep peeps...added some more playing types to my plyer ,since it got good advice last time thought i upload some more for ya all.....all views taken on board
thnx Ringo