Log 2 Square root of 2

Sorry I couldnt make it look right, but the first 2 is the base and the second is the square root of 2, can anyone solve it?

Also can anyone express this, In 2x + 3(In x - In y), as a single logarithm?
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2 to the power of what gives you square root two? a square root sign means an exponent of 1/2. so therefore 2 to the power of 1/2 gives you square root 2. your answer is 1/2.

the other one, uses laws like logA + logB = log (AB)

so brackets first: In 2x + 3(In x - In y)


and with the exponent

then with the addition your answer is

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First answer is 1/2

Second question:

ln 2x + 3(ln x -ln y) = ln 2x + 3 ln (xy) = ln 2x + ln (xy)^3...you can finish this off
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Ahh ok thanks allfallsdown, smb, and slash, I knew that, i just wansnt using my head lol Thanks!
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