Hey, I have search bar'd this and I didn't find anything...

I recently bought a second hand LP custom and I want to remove the pick guard. The only problem is that when I took it off I discovreed the paint around the screw nearest the neck pick up is all chipped - it doesnt look good at all!

I was wondering if there is any type of screw that I could replace it with to cover up the chipped area and not look too out of place?

Thanks, I hope this made sense!

PS I have looked around a few accessory sites and couldn't find anything suitable.
dude, get a large flat head screw, if you think that's what you want, personally though...

edit: you may end up just putting it back anyhow... once you start to beat up the paint job further
yeah that's the kind of thing I was after! Any ideas as to where I might get one?

'tis badass indeed