So I'm thinking of buying a guitar that comes stock with some vintage-style wound P90's. Probably Alnico II or something. Anyways, I was looking to at least upgrade the bridge pickup to something hotter.

Only thing is, I'm in a bit of a bind. Obviously I'm limited size wise toa P90. I'd like to to be stacked, but i might not have the room in the guitar, and this might cut that classic tone.

I really love Social Distortion's sound, and Mike Ness plays on this P90:
http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/specialized/progressive/sp902_hot_soapb/ (Hot Soap Bar)

but then again, this one uses two bigger ceramic magnets, is it really hotter, with a better sound for rock and roll/punk/ heavier tones?

but then AGAIN. It's be cool for it to be noiseless, so this might be nice:

tell me about your experiences, and your thoughts on these three options please?

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Man I think you'll be alright with any one of those you choose, I would probably go with the regular hot soap bar if you get your distortion mainly from your amp. I personally love Mick Jone's lo fi guitar sound from the first Clash album that's the reason why I got a guitar with p90s in it.

Edit: about single coil noise, I wouldn't really worry about it, you can't hear the hum while you're playing, and when you not playing just roll back on your volume knob.
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