Hi ,

I have a Epiphone Firebird V 1963 custom shop in black.
I was wondering if this guitar would go up in value because they dont make them anymore. It was a limited edition in black or alpine white , and if I dont mistake they werent even available in amerika.

It didnt cost me that much actually , around the 400 € , so if I decide to sell it will it become a collecters item in a couple of years with a bigger value ?

Thats the only thing that holds me not to sell it and go buy another guitar...

Thanks , PF
i doubt it, value has a lot to do with brand and epiphone are the cheap gibsons...

but you can never be too sure
I think becuase it's not a Gibson and just an epiphone it won't go up in value. I have a '63 Gibson classical acoustic, and because they aren't really popular or in demand, it is only worth a few hundred bucks. So it depends on whether or not they pick up on popularity later on.
It all depends on the guitar, the year, amount made and if a collector wants one or not. It probably would eventually increase in value but not for a very looong time. I had a couple Hondo guitars that I sold for big bucks compared to what I originally paid for them. I couldn't believe what people were willing to pay, 4 to 5 hundred bucks for a guitar I bought for less than $100.00 back in the 80s. The Hondo Sting that I still have sells between $600.00 and $800.00 on Ebay. I got mine knew for $90.00 and it's still in mint condition. I even tried to buy a Sting Bass on Ebay to go with my Sting only to get outbid and later the bidding was up to $900.00 it sold for just a bit over that.

I have an Epi Flying V custom shop (guitar of the month) in black and white that I got about a year ago and I have been offered more than I paid for it on a few occasions. It has Gibson USA pups and was set up here in the US. The pups are original you can tell by the solder joints the have never been replaced I checked with Gibson and they told me it was possible they did put Gibson pups in Epis on occasion.
I don't know if your Firebird has Gibson pups or high end Epi not and I didn't know mine did until I checked. These are not Licensed by Gibson they are Gibson pups. It's like the Epi Tony Iommi SG has the original Gibson Tony Iommi Gibson pups that came on their Iommi SG. IMHO the best Epi SG out there.

You best bet is to check Ebay and see what they might be serlling for if you can find it on there. I try not to use Ebay as a price guide but it will give you a good idea.