I use guitar-rig,cubase,amplitube etc but i have an onboard soundcard and i dont have good response with lots of buzz...

so since i dont know anything about soundcards . .what soundcard to buy at the 50 euros price range??
Creative X-Fi are pretty good, think the basic one is in your price range
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You should be looking into audio interfaces, not "sound cards"...
although they are the same thing...only one is MUCH better.

Head on over to R&R and read up, theres tons of info on this over there and my videos are quite helpful as well.

50 euros is around $62 USD and that's not quite enough for a good interface. You should expect to spend about double that or around $150 to start out.

PreSonus has the Inspire
Line6 stuff is good for ideas but not much anything else...
Mackie has the Onyx Satellite (wont work on Vista yet)
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