Hi, I'm looking to download some mp3's of single continious note drones that I can put on a loop, does anyone know of anywhere I can find these?
Well I don't know any places where u can download that. What u can do is record a droning note on ur guitar in windows sound recording program, and then loop it in windows movie maker.

Edit: You probably don't have a microphone?

Use guitarpro, or..

..u can download powertab here for free: http://www.power-tab.net/guitar.php

And typ in a bass drone and even chords, which playback with midi.

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go to zentao.com, search for the lessons on modes and they have like 4 minute long drones like you want in every key. thats all i know of
If you happen to have Audacity, you can make a drone. In the menu: Generate > tone.

This isn't the right forum, though.