I'm not the best with having good ears. There are some songs which i simply can't cop with my sound receptors and need tabs. UG has a vast library of tabs for bass, however they ain't got every thing...

I wish they had bass tabs for....

Stranded --------- Budgie
You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk---------Budgie
FullMoon Madness------- Thin Lizzy
Ultra Bass (live) --------- Van Halen
In The Cage--------Genesis
Lonesome Crow------Scorpions
Death is Certain (Life is Not) ------Dark Angel
No Self Control------Peter Gabriel
Broken Promises----------MSG
Anything by Talas

Any of you low end mongers have some songs you wished were tabed?
Metallica! St. Anger, yeah!
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I loled
UG has a in the cage guitar pro tab (doesn't it?)
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

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UG has a in the cage guitar pro tab (doesn't it?)

But i don't have the program to open it.
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Electric Light Orchestra
We marvel after those who sought
The wonders of the world, wonders of the world
Wonders of the world they wrought