I thought people might find this funny. It's a Calypso piece called Dr. Kitch, by Lord Kitchener: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6JHPhH_UDI

The Lyrics
I am not a qualified physician
And I don’t want to give this injection
I am not a qualified physician
And I don’t want to give this injection
Dorothy is begging for trouble
She insist I should give her this needle
But, darling, one thing I want you know
Don’t blame me for where the needle go

I push it in
She pull it out
I push it back
She start to shout
“Dr Kitch, you’re terrible
I can’t stand the size of your needle”

She lied on in such a position
It was difficult to give this injection
She start holding on to the needle
Making me so uncomfortable
I said “Darling can’t you be steady
I’m going to have it done very shortly”
She said “Dr Kitch I am sorry
But the size of the needle frighten me”


She still wouldn’t lie down quietly
Constantly moving her body
So I slap her in the face with vexation
And I went on giving the injection
She screamed “Doctor stop! I can’t stand the pain!
I don’t think you’re inside the right vain”
I said “It’s your own fault you wouldn’t be told
The needle must be stick in the wrong hole”


I pull it from that hole and start again
I have the needle now in the right vain
The needle just gone in half a inch
The stupid young lady start to clinch
Suddenly she ???
Doc I can feel the penicillin going in
I said “You little fool what you do
You talk until the needle breaking you”

The funniest thing is that this was made in the 30s. If anything like this was in the US at the time there would have been an outrage.
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omg, thats brill
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LOL Sweet

I may do a cover version of this
I See Through The Darkness My Way Back Home...
Si lo ven que viene palo al tiburon
Vamos a darle duro sin vacilacion
Si lo ven que viene palo al Tiburon
En la union esta la fuerza y nuestra salvacion

what a great song!

"Just wait till tomorrow
I guess that's what they all say
Just before they fall apart"
That is ****ing brilliant!
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afterward i thought about it and was like "wow, i just jerked off to a chubby girl sucking off a horse. i'm disgusting".

then i watched that segment again

unsubtle 30's innuendo at work!
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