I'm looking at buying a Jackson but I can't seem to find a list of what all the differences are in the different Series.

I understand the JS Series is their entry one and not worth getting.

I know the USA is the best one which is the best but costs a few thousand pounds.

I know the MG Series has EMGs in it.

What else is different?

You'd think they'd have it on their site but I can't find it anywhere.

I've got a DK10D (dinky), I don't know if they still make them or not, but for the money, it's a fine shredder.

JS series is entry model made in India.

DX Dinky's: IDK where they are being made, 1 level down for DK series.

DK Dinky's: Made in Japan.

DK2: Bolt on, flat top, MIJ, orijinal SD pickups, most has JP580 tremolo. DK2T is hardtail.

DKMG: Bolt-on, carvedtop, with EMG's. DKMGT is hardtail (my next guitar )

RR Series: RR3 bolt-on w/ JT580, RR5 (hardtail), RR24 (all MIJ) and above (RR1 USA) are neckthru. RR3 and RR5 w/SD, others w/ EMG's I guess.

Soloist: Always neckthru. SL3 made in Japan, SL1 and SL2 made in USA.

Basically; if below $600 MII (or maybe some MIKorea, IDK), $600 to $1500 MIJ, above $1500 MIA.

Hope that helps.
I've got the RX10D. The neck is very good, however, the body is made of basswood so it sounds a little dead, the guitar is completely neck heavy and doesn't balance well, the pickups are bad and Duncan Designed and the Floyd is a cheap licenced. Overall if you want a Rhoads I'd recommend staying away from this and saving that tiny bit more so that you can afford the glorious RR3. Oh how I wish I bought that instead!
i have serveral jacksons and i love them all dearly but i my current favorite is the RR1T.
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Quote by DaRtH_ErLiK

DX Dinky's: IDK where they are being made, 1 level down for DK series.

Made in Japan with EMG-HZ's.