1. Airwaves(cool song)


Turn it off, the box is gnawing at my insides
Reality a malgam of song and dance
Satellites, all bottled in one
subliminal questions on religious stance
Ol men fighting over countries
Hypocrites preaching solidarity, but
hope lies in the rubble
We're moving on the double
toward an unending airwave
unending airwave(in whisper) x4

chorus: AIR WAVE x4

Back on, smiles all around
red carpet and bubbling Christal
we'll show you houses with them fancy pools
Fool's gold, all stolen with the gangsta tool
what was counter, is now popular culture
what was taboo is now everyday fare
we're going old skool, transistors
blasting out an unending air wave

same as above

please comment. thank you.(c4c)
im just saying, in the verses you prove yourself to be capable of so much, and then the chorus is so... stupid? compared to them.

its possible to have a catchy, well written chorus without the constant repetition of 2 words. (or one, in the title its airwaves, in the song its air wave, just saying...)