I will be purchasing an SM57 mic to record my guitar. I play a spot of everything but usually stick to rock and metal. I was hoping someone could recommend an audio interface for the microphone. Simple is good and lets try to stick to around $100. The best item I have found so far is the Mic Mate http://www.guitarcenter.com/MXL-Mic-Mate-XLR-to-USB-Mic-Interface-with-Phantom-Power-104615877-i1326025.gc

I also just found this and it looks like a winner.

What other options do I have?

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Try to find a firewire interface if you can, there will be much less latency when recording. I think M-Audio make one.

Edit -> http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/FireWireSolo.html
That's the one I was talking about, but it's above your budget
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Firewire isn't important when only recording one track at a time.
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+1 with FR's comment
although the M-Audio product is a USB 1.1 connection so firewire would be faster, (in that situation at least...)

TS, Look into the EMU 0202 or PreSonus Inspire interfaces. The EMU is a USB2.0 connection which is fast, and the PreSonus runs on firewire which is just around the same speed.
I personally would save up for the PreSonus if I was buying but if you only plan to use one mic and no more, the EMU will work fine.
Yeah, when your selecting the inputs in whatever program you can use it's either left, right or both. XLR is left, TRS is right. IYou just set one track to left and the other to right.