ok so i think i wanna learn to play harmonica.. any one know what kind or key i should buy? my great grandpa played but he died before i was born and they lost his harmonica so i cant even get a reference on a good one... any ideas?
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but seroiusly, C would probably be the best bet.
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Hohner diatonic G or C. Personally I don't think the key matters for beginners, unless there's some technical stuff I'm unaware of, such as its easier to bend notes on harps of lower keys, which may or may not be true, I can't remember.
I play Hohner MArine Bands, which are great. However, the holes are a bit small, so it may be hard for beginners. Maybe look into a Hohner Big River, or if you want to spend a little extra, Special 20. Key of C definitely as your first.

The first five keys recomended usually are C, G, A, D, F. If you are into Irish folk music, Key of B is the way to go. Then E, alot of folk songs are played on that, and Bob Dylan used one suprisingly alot.