another ebay guitar i don't know anything about i see alot of good reviews on agile lp's but hav'nt seen much on the jay turser guitars i see alot of them online they look real nice but 300 bucks free shipping whats the catch? anyone that owns or have played one please give me some honest opinions?
Short answer is no.
My first guitar was a Jay Turser Telecaster knockoff and it sucked. A lot of this has to do specifically with the well-below-average pickups. I sold it to my friend when I got my second guitar and hes set up up so it plays pretty nicely. The action was decent and the neck was very playable. The main problem was the stock pickups, but that probably also depends on what style you play. I was using a Tele' knockoff for metal so take that into consideration.
So if you take the time to set it up, and find a good sound with the pickups (or swap them) then its a good deal. Maybe not a good investment, but a decent deal.
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kinda what i thought nice looking with crap pickups and probaly crap hardware as well it sounds like agile are the best bang for the buck
Like JohnnyLovesYou, my first guitar was also a Jay Turser Tele knockoff. What a ridiculous guitar, after that mess it's a wonder I'm still even playing. It didn't actually play too terribly (for a first guitar), but the pickups were more or less useless and the neck was practically Ibanez thin.

I might use the body for a future project, but other than that it's not worth much.