Sup guys,

Pretty new to the site so im afraid you'll have to give me a wide birth.

Would be great if you could check out this band, RAVENFACE :


For fans of : metalica, lamb of god, slipknot, Mudvayne, Devildriver :P

Obviously open to constructive criticism, but please no "**** off and die" or something stupid like that lol.

feedback would be great.

thanks for reading :P

keep it metal

Quote by LReiter
metalica sounds kinda italian.

"metalica, where's my shoes, eh?"

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If you know this band, you should tell them that they need to find THEIR sound. They have a good foundation, they sound just like a million other metal bands. It's just nothing new, and considering these dudes look like they're 15-17, they have plenty of time to work on it.
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There's a Promote YOUR Band section in these forums, if you haven't checked it out already.

Another completely unoriginal and boring band who seem to have spent more time on their image and looks rather than writing good songs and listening to good music
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It's a good sound, I can hear a bunch of different bands in it... System is not one of them... *tear* But seriously, not bad, I agree with person above who said you need to spend less time on your image and more on your writing...
Thanks dude, system are one of the bands main influences ( i know zach, their guitarist) Their songs might not show it yet, actauly listen to mind abortion, its slower more melodic and more system-esque type sound.
""metalica sounds kinda italian.

"metalica, where's my shoes, eh?"""

haha, that made me laugh aloud.
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Guys I just, found this band on a MetalHammer Promo CD, and they are on itunes. Could it be another UGer has made it big?
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I really like the sound of your music. Not overly original, but if it aint broken dont fix it right?
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