yooo, I've had the same shitty amp and shitty pedal for the last like, 11 years or so since I started playing, when me and my buddys jam I feel like a bass player (inaudible), I'm savin up for a new amp, somewhere around the $500 (US/CDN) mark, give or take. Preferably a combo one, not seperate head and cab or whatever. Im not too technical or familiar with specs and whatnot, but Im just lookin for opinions. Thanks...oh, and im at work so I dont know exactly what I got, just a shitty distortion pedal and a 50 watt amp
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what genre do you play and you want a tube or SS?
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whats an ss? haha, like I said im not to familiar with the technicalities, and I play mostly metal, hard rock, lookin for somethin loud
"For whiter teeth......try a F*CKING toothbrush!"
SS = solid state , most people will go for a tube amp but they tend to be more expensive , are you willing to go used and if you stretch your budget a little i think you can find a used peavey 5105 combo or a peavey triple X plenty loud
Honestly, go to a guitar store and play on a few tube or valvestate amps. Take your guitar / gear, and try them out. 30W is all you'd need. Remember, tube amps are much louder than solid state amps, so you don't need as much power.

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