i've wired a few guitars its been learn as i go so i am no electrical genius as this question is proof i picked up resistors at radio shack instead of capisitors whats the difference? they are 47 ohm 1/2 watt what will happen if i switch my tone cap with one of these?
Capacitors store energy, resistors oppose it - so if you think of it as water instead of electricity the resistor would be kind of like a tap that allows you to control how fast the water comes through, and the capacitor would be like a tank that can store up some water and let it out later on when you needed it....so basically they are completely different and not interchangeable...
well a resistor serves to impede current using the relationship V = IR where V is the voltage (volts), I is the current (amps), and R is the restance (Ohms). and the power is measured by using P = I*V, power (watts) = current (amps) * (volts). A capacitor serves to hold charge ready so it can be discharged when necessary. where the capacitance is C=QV. Capacitance (farads) = charge on capacitor (Coulombs) * voltage across capacitor (Volts). the two are completely different and in no way should you switch a capacitor with a resistor in your guitar.
the difference is that you spelled resistor right and capacitor wrong. lulz
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