Anyone remember the india pakistan 20/20 match like a year ago.... I recorded it and watched it earlier today... We were so close... And I remember at school the next day me and my friend were the only Pakistanis, or at least supporters, and all the indian ****s (no offence guys) were being cocky...lol. Any way, anyone else like cricket, or have had a memory of something from what you've recordes from a time ago?

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I love cricket but have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

the 20/20 tournament with international teams last year?

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At my college theres a bunch of indians/pakistanis that play and i just learned how the other night so ill be the only white kid playing. Represent!
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20/20 World Cup?

Oh yeah

When Misbah played that stupid shot and got caught

yeah... And shahid the bastard with the six attempt...