i play metal, hardcore etcetc

i am planning on buying a 6505 but recently spotted a second hand krank revolution for £699.

Can anyone vouch for the krank or shall i just stick with the 6505?

thanks for any advice
Try them out is the usual response but that goes double for this one. Those two amps are very love hate.

I've never tried a krank so I can't comment, the 6505 sounds really amazing cranked and distorted. It falls short at low volumes though (fizzy mess) and the cleans aren't anything to brag about.
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There to totally different amps... One is not better then the other its all in personal prefrence and what tone you like.. So test out both...
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I play a 6505+ so I'm semi familiar with a 5150/6505 mkI. It really is a great amp, but depending on the sound you want, you may want to replace the tubes with something nicer down the road. It's pretty common for 5150/5150II owners. Kinda like how VK owners usually replace the speakers
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Krank ftw, I just can't afford one!
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