My biggest problem with angling the pick 20 - 40 degrees was always that the sound changed quite bit compared to holding the pick diagonal to the strings. Now today I tried to angle it, and it really makes a difference speed wise. However, I don't really like the sound, and actually it's quite difficult getting variable dynamics in my opnion. Especially on the highest string, you have to hit with a lot of attack.

How do you go about this? Or is it just normal that the sound becomes a little bit more scratchy and inaudible? I like the fact that you can pick faster, but you also have to hit the strings a lot harder. I'm using Dunlop picks 1.14 mm. Would it make a big difference if I used heavier picks?
nope, well you could try a 1,5 mm pick but the sound wil be the same. i kind of like the scrathy sound myself
Well, if you're going for a certain kind of sound, then don't compromise just to get a little bit more speed. John McLaughlin has a very non-angled picking attack and he is an extremely fast and clean picker, so I'd say you're not really selling yourself short in terms of speed in the long run. Maybe it'll take a bit more effort at first, but you just gotta work at it, and make sure to only use the very tip of your pick.
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