Hello guys. I am no expert at notation and what not so give me some slack while I am learning that. I am trying to work on a piece that will have synths, acoustics, clean electrics, and probably some distorted electrics. If I could manage I am hoping to also throw in some death/black metalesque vocal techniques into the mix as well as some mumbling and talking (such as cradle of filth type of talk-singing). I haven't really written any lyrics yet accept a potential first stanza, and this is just the intro right now by the way. Anyways, critique this and let me know how I can fix it up. Any ideas are appreciated!


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It`s soundss arabic and to be honest dissonant. I converted into Gp5 and changed the measures, maybe there`s something different...


No offence, but this sounds terrible. My advice would be to start again, but to try and put some theory about staying in key into it.

And like i said, no offence, I know you're just starting, so it's to be expected