I recently lost my Biyang double chip delay, and i was in shop for a new OD pedal.
The Biyang was the best buck for buck pedal ive ever played trough simply amazing sounds that gave me natural head changes, hahahhaha.

I was looking at the BBE green screamer, but then I came across Biyangs other series of pedals like the one above.

I really liked the delay, and im iffy about getting a pedal ive never played, looking at the specs and stuff do you guys think it would be a better buy than a green screamer.

Does everyone use this one chip there talking about or is it something found in more expensive pedals.
Also what are the other chips there talking about, what kind of sounds can i get with those.
^Did you even look at the link?
The green screamer is very nice and all but there both made in china right?
Anyone else have any other input.

this is supposed to be china's top of the line, I dont question the materials, and i dont think its run of the mill China shit, its just cheaper labor, and less regulation.

And like i said I think there both overseas pedals.
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no I cant try it out, but like i said the double chip delay was SUPERB, and id chose it over anything american 150$ and under, just cause it was so damn good.

Like i said is the chip something typical found in all OD pedals.

Does the Green Screamer use this chip?

What about the other chips?
The chip (actually the OP amp) doesn't make that big of a difference. I've put that chip, the standard ts9 chip and a few others in my TS808 and they all sound about the same.

I've never tried that OD, but for 55 dollars, buyer beware.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
^thanks kevin for your input.

HMMM i dont know, Ill give it a shot, just cause its got the 3 way selecter, and the exchangeable chips.

I feel kind of quessy in my stomach doing this cause its 50 bucks, but hopefully it dosent dissapoint like the double chip delay, if its half as good as it in quality and sound, ILL be very happy.

Ill report back in a couple of days when i get the money for it and it actually comes in.

The green screamer is a TS9 copy thats why i like about it but these chinese pedals have caught my interest after i tried out the Biyand DB delay.
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