OK people,
I have a home recording studio that, of course, has tons of cables run all over the place. These cables can cause many hazzards like, for instance, you have your favorite axe sitting securly in a stand, then you or someone else tripps over the cables and you watch your favorite "girlfriend" fall over and crack a neck or break a tunning head. OUCH! I hate even the thought of that.

I came up with the idea to run may cables across the ceiling. Ya can't trip over the ceiling!!

Heres what I do:

For a drywall ceiling; install simple plant hooks and hang those "climber hook"
things so you can clip your cables in and out.

For a drop ceiling; I use the grid hooks made for drop ceilings and put the "climber hooks" in there.

Tiny bungee cords work well too. I have a few that are in use now.

I have a picture available on myspace, here's a link to it:


or if you just want the picture:

Of course I reccommend labeling the cables with colored tape on both
ends to be able to trace them better.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Any feedback is appreciated.

I hope this will save someones favorite axe, (or girlfriend).

Nicely done.
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