You have no reason to act the part. You just ARE, and noone will ever question that. And if they do, well... Look at blue whales, whale sharks, these mofos are the toughest of the tough, they have the biggest cocks and muscles, yet they are totally peaceful animals. they feed on freaking shrimp and algae.

which just goes to show you, when you know you're a badass, you have no need to act it anymore.

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Great... Unfortunately, Most people (who believe so) Like to exercise their self proclaimed authority...
totally agree, they are peaceful because they know that if they rape you, you'll be shitting intestines for a long time.

and cumming blood.
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they're bad, mmmkay?
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What's your point? Anyone who is badass has to act that way or should act that way? If your badass you can act whatever way you want.. because you're badass.
There's nothing badass about a whale shark. Jaws would have been crap if it was about a whale shark. Unless the whaleshark had a bazooka. Then it would be a badass.
Thats true. I also love the opening post. For example the largest guys at my local gym act like some harmless kitten. The medium ones are acting and flexing and genrally being an asshole. The beginners are silent and fears the larger guys.

This is not applies to everyone, i must add.
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I don't think whales know that they're badass.

Oh they know alright
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I don't think whales know that they're badass.

They must do. That amount of badassness simply cannot be overlooked.

blog it, but i doubt anyone cares, anyways
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Id like to point out that Kid Rock is NOT Badass
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