Hello all! I have a 1998 Peavey EVH Wolfgang Flametop Amber ST. I am selling it, and want this thing to look as good as possible!

I've already taken care of the neck, I know a bit about woodworking and polishing, but I don't really know too much about this type of finish on the body of this AXE.

It has a LOT of use marks, pick scratches, and light scratches, especialy between the pickups, and around the control knobs.

I've tried using wax products, also those scratch removers, and those 3-process wax buffers (coarse wax, medium, fine), and none of them really seemed to do anything noticeable except make it EXTREMELY shinny!

I'm wondering how should I go about using wet sandpaper on this type of finish, if anyone knows? I don't mind spending the time to do the work, I just want to know how exactly to do this.
i was going to post a long thing, about sanding and refinishing, but this guy says it pretty well, so i copy and pasted a link.


from my experience, sanding and finishing, buy the paper and the clear coat, and the time spent coating and letting dry layer after layer of clear coat, will cost way more than you'll get in return on a used guitar.

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Awsome. Thanks jj1565, I may just post some pics and possibly a how-to guide on all this. I will keep everyone up to date once I figure out if I should tackle this or not.