After browsing the market for a new guitar, I decided I'd build my own.
This will be a long term project, so money isn't really an issue, but obviously if there is money to be saved, then thats great.

See the picture attached for general spec, i'll look into new pickups closer to the time, i've just ordered DiMarzio ToneZone & Evolutions for my Ibanez 6 string, depending on how that turns out I may go for DiMarzio again.

The paint job will probably have to be done professionally, which is one of the things I'm not sure about, i'll go for something like this or this.

Any price guides, ideas where to get pieces or the paint job would be very much appriciated

Dude, thats an awesome picture!

Ebay is a great source for parts, Thats where my buddy got 90% of the parts for his guitar.
LOL yeah, I mean it doesnt even have the 24 frets I want, and it doesn't even have 1 string, let alone 7!

...Just don't get me started on the size of the headstock lol

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Dude, thats an awesome picture!

Ebay is a great source for parts, Thats where my buddy got 90% of the parts for his guitar.

Cheers, yeah thats where I got the p/ups for my current guitar from. I'll check it out for some of the parts, I just dont have a clue how i'm going to get the paintjob done, i mean i can't use ms paint for the real thing
The most important thing is to get the neck proportions right and it will be a pain in the ass. The distance from fret to fret is extremely difficult to get right, I think the measurements is in centimeters with three decimals. You might just want to buy the neck, but you will still have to find the distance between the neck and the bridge.

If it's the first time you build a guitar, you should go for something a little cheaper than DiMarzio pickups.

You can get parts at http://www.warmoth.com/
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thats a pretty useful website, thanks!! Favorite'd that, by the looks of things they only do 7 string necks in 1 set of proportions. Does anyone know how to get a good professional-standard paint job?
pay alot of money??

btw, u DO know that both of those paintjobs u posted need figured maple tops, right? thats NOT the paint.
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^ + 1 its stained wood

any way, for all your parts, tools etc...


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