I signed up my band Poor Reeves to Myspace about three months ago, but I forgot the email address I was using so I was unable to log in - the account was also inactive because I hadn't used it -
Now that I have remembered my email, it won't login for one reason or another.
But, I can't even find where I can sign the band up again with a different acount. Can anyone just give me a hand?
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These threads ALWAYS get closed, youve been here since 2005, you should know that!
Heres an idea... email the myspace tech support...
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This was my last resort. I've been emailing and other rubbish and nothing seems to be working. I only retorted to this because, as I said, it's all I have left.
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Heres an idea... email the myspace tech support...

Good idea, last time i checked, UG wasn't the best place to go for myspace help
Mr. Goldfish, go to 'Sign up' in the top right and then 'Musician' in the top right to re sign up
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Yes! Finally, someone willing to help! I knew you wouldn't let me down doll face. You are my hero... again!