My mum says she'll get me something for chrstmas ontop of a new iPod for around 50-60 pounds so i decided to ge a pedal. I have a LTD M-50 through a Roland Cube 30-X with no pedals atm and im not sure what pedal to get. I play thrash and hard rock. I was thinking about an OD but i've heard they don't work to well with a modelling amp. I could use some help and any would be much apreciated.
You don't need a pedal.

But I'd go for a nice reverb, I rarely play without one, the guitar just sounds soooo much more natural.
u want distortion? well im not sure the ratio from dollars to pounds, but I got a Line6 Ubermetal distortion pedal *i think tahts what its called* for about 80$, greatest thing i ever bought so far. nice gain settings, noise gate so it can cancel unwanted noise. etc
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what about a nice cry baby?
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well, pedals in general dont work well with modeling amps. but you dont need pedals. are there any effects you want in particular?, because unless theirs something you really use alot, and that the cube's effects wont cut it for you for that effect, you could tell us, but right now we dont know what you use. you could ask to get a gift certificate to whatever store you go to, and start your own gear fund, so that if you ever really want something, you'll have money for it

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