Now I have my epi' explorer and it has a FR bridge. I never use a whammy bar for anything 'cos it's not really how I play. Is there a way I can set my FR so it doesn't move, if I rest my hand on it as I play and I sometimes put too much pressure on it and it's getting quite a pain really..
Any ideas?
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Quote by Chaz-6(sic)6
Block It with a tremolo Stopper or a few pickes that are taped to the actual block.

of course i mean picks.
Block of wood if you are cheap.

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I have an Edge III and I blocked it with two small pieces of wood
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because at the time I didn't know I wouldn't like it, never used one before.
Where would I get a stopper from, just did a quick google of it and can't find a UK one :/
Where do I put the block of wood?
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Put the block of wood underneath the actual bridge, make sure it's big enough so that the bridge doesn't move when you rest your hand on it, but not too big that the bridge is at an angle. You could try putting a load of springs in the back (if you can get enough in) to make the tremolo much 'stiffer' so it's harder to push it back.
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