Alright, so Im 14, play guitar jsut about every day and im looking into these two pedals
Im obviously not going to be gigging, just using it in the basement and maybe my room.
Which is better? Does anyone own these? And Ill need two cords right?
I personally like the digitech. It's a good, cheap way for the bedroom guitarist to get many decent effects.
Youre probly gonna hear mostly to go for the digitech. However, youre the only one who can really decide which is better for you. Go to a local shop that has them and try them out. See what you can get out of them tone-wise and go from there. Thats the best advice anyone can give you
Ive also heard they might break cause they are plastic. Thats kinda gay.
dude, about 99% of ppl with say DigiTech

Behringer doesnt have a good rep around here
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dude, about 99% of ppl with say DigiTech

Behringer doesnt have a good rep around here

:\, whys that? They seem ok, what with all the amp modelling and whatnot
the digitechs ok (i dont really like the amp models) and the behringer is a bit better, but ive heard bad things about behringer's products breaking. also, if you look used, you could find a korg AX5G. i didnt mean look used because its expensive, but just because they dont make them anymore. my friend has it, and its distortion is much better imo than the digitech's distortion.

EDIT: also keep in mind whether you need one that has footswitches or not, because theirs no point on spending money on footswitchability if your not gonna use it.

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eh i used a zoom g2 and it worked for a bit, probably the best multi-effects for that price. but it wont last you in the long-term if your amp is crap.
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Behringer doesnt have a good rep around here

take it from someone who's been here a while, behringer doesn't have ~any~ rep around here. its never mentioned, good or bad.

personally, i've tried a few behringer products. the distortion modeler pedal nailed the boss DA-1 sound perfectly, however it had bleed through to my clean sound.
The solid state modeling amps had a descent warm sound (check my profile) but were very limited to what effects you could use.

I know the digitech sounds alright, although succeptable to hum. I haven't heard that behringer pedal but it ~looks~ like it could be descent and I would love to hear it.
In the end you should take Silverchairfan's advice and give them both a listen.
I have a zoom g2, it's pretty nice :P, you could get good tones out of and stuff :P
the wah is eh, but at least it's a wah :P
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