So I forgot to record all of the calculations from a practice project in one of my labs, and was at a loss for what to do....I might as well have some fun with it right? The page on the right is my calculations sheet.

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lol wut?
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I love the pear
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CFH82, I love you. I didn't laugh, but my god, I love you.

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Holy shit, that was epic. A mighty roar escapeth'd my mouth.

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I saw a penis.

i like the pear much ..
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You are my favorite August 08er, sir!

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cant you get banned for that?

I think this ones more in context, kind of like my lolwut guitar. Its not blatantly posting the pear which annoys people more as something he did and found humorous enough to share.
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+1 to that man!
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Wheres the "LOL WUT"?

I say reprint it with words.
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I thought it was illegal for women to use the internet.
what was the teacher's reaction ?
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what was the teacher's reaction ?

lol wut

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what was the teacher's reaction ?

She cant react, she was perma'd for posting such a thing on a test.

Oh, and to the pic
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lol wut


As far as I know the teacher hasn't graded it yet, though I'm interested to see what he says about it. I'm probably not going to get a good grade...

That's the original image, so no LOL WUT. I thought it'd be overkill..
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About as great as that time some guy told us the story of some guy who posted the pear on a school newspaper and it said "Lol wut it do."
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TS, i think you just wanted to post the pear in the pit so badly you just printed it out on a sheet, put it with some other sheets, took a photo and posted it, then made up some BS.

Prove me wrong.
It'd be awesome if your teacher was an internet surfer and wrote lol wut on it and gave you over 9000 as your grade.
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It'd be awesome if your teacher was an internet surfer and wrote lol wut on it and gave you over 9000 as your grade.

That would be nice...at this point I'm just hoping for a passing grade.
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