My lizard (Mountain Horned Dragon) hasn't eaten in about maybe 2 and a half weeks, he wont eat anything I offer him, super worms, crickets or wax worms, I certainly don't have enough money to buy him pinkys (unborn baby mice) or horn worms, both are rediculously expensive.

Does anyone know how I can get him to start eating again I know I can't afford to call a reptile vet, they are REALLY REALLY expensive.

Also hes going through his shed right now, I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I was told it might.

ANY information or help of ANY kind concerning how to get him to eat again will be MUCHLY appreciated pit
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Pit =/= Vet.

If you can't afford to call a vet out, you shouldn't have exotic pets in the first place really. Do you have insurance for him??
my beardie does that too at this time of year i just figure its hibernation of some sorts..?
ive owned him 5 years and every year its the same
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most animans dont eat usually because there sick

or, if they want to die.... for reasons of their own [seriously]
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I don't think reptiles eat during shedding or whatever its called
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