Hey so I've had my guitar for about a year now and from day one, it makes a noise when I pick. Almost like a scrape sound. I haven't done anything about, actually thought it was normal. Below, I have a sound clip of a quick thing I made.

Is it my guitar, or my amp or is it something that's always their and can't be removed?

Thanks, heres the link:

turn down the mids and gain only thing you can do.....

Listen soome machine head. they get a lot of those noises as welll

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That just happens when you pick, all you can do to try and reduce it is to change the way you hold the pick. like im guessing you hold it at a slant, trying going a bit higher if it bothers you that much...
sounds liek your pick is hitting the pickup or like your pick is scraping the string. check your picking technique and make sure you're only touching a very smal amount of the tip of the pick on your string. either that or your pickups/amp ..
It's not the amp.

I tried all different styles of picking, still the same. Even on a clean setting, I get this noise. Any way to fix it?
use a nylon pick. plastic picks sound like shit.
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Wow that sounds wierd nice tune though lol
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If I do it with my thumb (no nail) I still get it. What I want to do with it is to have some delay but I can't because all you here is that noise echoing.
It sounds like you're picking too hard to me. I'd position the pick so less of it sticks out from your thumb and index finger. There's nothing wrong with your guitar or amp - it's you. With distortion it's not easy to eliminate the sound of the pick hitting the string completely, but you can learn to minimize it.

I notice that you're 13 or so. You probably haven't been playing very long. With time you'll learn to play a little lighter and you'll hear that noise less. Trust me on this, it's the way you're playing, not your equipment.
+1 to GoDrex. Use as little of the pick as possible....you want to lightly brush the string, not slam it. No more than a 1/4 inch of the tip...you'll be tempted to dig in deep if you do, which slows you down
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Use a lighter pick. That might help.

this. My fender "heavy" pick sounds like crap on my thin electric strings
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It's been a while and I still have the sound but it's not nearly as loud (but noticeable). I'm going to try some of those suggestions.