Il keep it short, wanna start guitar, should I get acoustic or electric. at first I though electric, but price is important and guitar may not be for me, and I do like some clean music, and I could acoustisize some heavier stuff I like =), and upgrade with electric l8r.. what u guys think.
Electrics are alot easier to learn on due to the thinner body and lighter strings.
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Acoustic, because if you do like guitar the acoustic will build hand strength better than a electric....then you can upgrade and you will have stamina from acoustic playing.
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Electric won't hurt your fingers as bad and you'll be more inclined to play with effects & sounds you can get from an electric. DON'T get a package deal with guitar and amp together. The amp always sux and sometimes the guitar does too. I recommend a used Yamaha Pacifica paired with a Roland micr-cube or similar.
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I started on electric, but acoustic is probably better to start on.
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Starting on acoustic will make you a better guitar player, but a passable acoustic will cost you more than a passable electric.
Im gonna say electric because chances are you might want to explore styles and an electric could probably let do so. I'm assuming you play bass, so i doubt finger strength is really a big issue for you. Unless you really just want the acoustic sound.
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Two words: Mexican Stratocaster.

$400, wicked tone, great reliability, and your playing a legend.

A good acoustic is going to cost you $700 minimum.

If you don't want to spend 400, get a squire. It's like $150 and sounds decent (they ****in fall apart though.)
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Say what you want, but I think a player who doesn't play acoustic/classical cannot be a good player. it's essential to play both, you'll run out of tune if you play electric only.
Start on acoustic, since you need to buy both an amp and an electric if you go with that choice. Also, starting on an acoustic helps build finger strength (especially with barre chords), which makes the switch to electric amazing, to say the least (disregard this if you already play bass like that one guy said).

Besides "exploring styles of music" like those above me have mentioned doesn't mean a thing if you can't play well anyway. Just sayin'.

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Say what you want, but I think a player who doesn't play acoustic/classical cannot be a good player. it's essential to play both, you'll run out of tune if you play electric only.

Wow, someone has some nonsensical stereotypes in their head about electric guitar...
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i started like this: my friend gave me his old ussr acoustic. damn, the distance from the strings to the fretboard on the 12th fret was like 2 cm. but then i bought a better acoustic(still ussr) and a month later i bought my first electric(ibanez grg170dx), and im still playing. that first ussr guitar developed my finger strength, and helped me determine, whether i was gonna continue playing or not. and i still am.
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Acoustic; That way you don't make the switch from electric to acoustic my friends are making and realize how much more difficult an acoustic is than an electric. Because it's easier to play an electric is generally preferred, although this also means your weaker when you switch to acoustic. Plus with an acoustic you don't need to drag an amp to be heard, though you can just buy one of those headphone amps if you want to go around with an electric.

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what ever you feel like you WONT get discouraged on if i continued acoustic i probably would not still be playing mainly because i know lots of fingerpicking extrodinares(show offs) that think i am bandwangoning
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acoustic, it'll be cheaper for quality and you can bring it with you easier when you travel easier
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